Some thoughts on improving Panda Poet based on Chrome version 20

1399 days ago

This is Panda Poet

It is Spryfox’ multiplayer variant of their kindle game for the Chrome webstore. I want to strongly stress that this is a fantastic game that is in a state of rapid development. It’s only been publicly released for a short time and this critique is sincerely meant purely to be constructive.

  1. Playing on the larger board makes a pretty big difference. People need to get the opportunity to try it before they buy it.
  2. Music starts to play immediately and you can’t disable it till after the tutorial
  3. When the game is over, the rematch button displaces the view replay one
  4. You can’t share replays. I’d imagine this would be reasonable to do with some Scrabble®-like notation
  5. You can’t spectate other people’s games. This would help new players learn strategy and also add an element of spectator sport to the game.
  6. Win/Loss is meaningless as you can selectively delete your history at will. Perhaps a time limited match ranking system? Perhaps charge purely for “pro” matchmaking instead of playing random strangers?
  7. Without negotiated time limits, players often leave the round hanging when they know they’re going to lose.



Hello World

1400 days ago

Well. This is my first post. I have no idea how long I will keep this blog. Textpattern takes a fair amount of setting up and I’d jump at the chance to use anything better suited to my needs but I honestly haven’t seen anything comparable yet. Ohwell.